Eyecare for Wellbeing

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Almost a half (47%) of workers in the UK said eye care was in a list of their top five employee benefits and, as we all know, staff who feel valued and comfortable at work are invariably more productive. It’s also worth remembering the condition of our eyes and eyesight can provide early indicators of other health conditions and can therefore play a part in preventative healthcare.

Our wellbeing vouchers enable your staff to have easy access to a range of services designed to optimise eyecare comfort and health.

EyecarePlan Wellbeing

From £5900
  • A full eye and eye sight test
  • Glasses for work, play or leisure
  • Over 4000 frame options available
  • Choose a frame from the Boots £40 to £70 frame range (available at Boots opticians only)
  • Lenses to any prescription
  • Access to Easy Work™ lens portfolio  
  • Advanced anti-reflection coating with enhanced scratch resistance

We have some great clients, let’s see what some have to say

With minimal administration from you, we provide complete legislative compliance, management control and a nationwide sustainable service.

It is reassuring to see that the tendering exercise has resulted in technology insertion not just in the product we are offering to users, but also in the considerable advantages associated with moving from our previous paper-based process to the new e-portal access. The energy and expertise ASE displayed was impressive, enabling us to move rapidly to service availability to the users.
Bill Mears, Ministry of Defence
The Equinox eyeshield provides our trackside personnel with the best protection possible, high impact absorption and, with tinted lenses, protection from sunlight too.
Dave Tough, Network Rail
Having worked with the team at EyecarePlans for several years I would encourage any employer to work with them in providing for the optical welfare of their employees. The quality of the service, simplicity of the system and the customer service they provide are excellent.
Brian Hall, BHSF

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