Eyecare Management

One choice, two simple solutions

There are two ways to use EyecarePlan vouchers;

  1. You can opt to purchase vouchers then assign them to your employees by emailing a voucher or sending an sms text code.
  2. You can choose to let employees self-serve their own voucher via a dedicated EyecareGateway, once the request is received a voucher is emailed or sent by sms.

One voucher is all that is needed to give the employee the eyecare and eyewear they require. Payment is by invoice or credit card.

You build your vouchers, by adding the optional extras you need, this really is corporate eyecare your way!

It is simple to set up an eyecare account, register on-line and start protecting your employees sight today.

Self serve:

  • Vouchers tailored to meet your needs

  • Your staff use our secure EyecareGateway to self-request eyecare

  • We offer support at your wellbeing and awareness events

  • Invoiced monthly and comprehensive management reporting provided

Voucher assign:

  • Vouchers tailored to meet your needs

  • Instant access to vouchers for eyecare

  • Assign vouchers yourself or forward to other to distribute

  • Pay by credit card or invoice

Our Products

VDU EyecarePlans

Using a VDU regularly can cause headaches, eye fatigue and reduce productivity.

Quick Overview

Having comfortable eyesight is important and our VDU EyecarePlan options are tailored to meet specific needs.


Driver EyecarePlans

One in three people who drive for work don’t have sufficiently good enough eyesight to do so safely.

Quick Overview

Our driver eye care vouchers help your staff take to the road safely and, in doing so, give you one less thing to worry about.


Protective Eyewear

Employees working in hazardous environments need suitable protective eyewear.

Quick Overview

Our collection includes both traditional prescription safety eyewear with side shields and a contemporary wraparound eyeshield.


Eyecare for Wellbeing

Our wellbeing voucher offers a raft of optical features to ensure eye comfort.

Quick Overview

47% of UK employees ranked eyecare as one of the top 5 benefits they would like to receive.


If you’re not too sure what you’re looking for why not call one of our helpful team. They will be able to advise you on what you need and guide you through the necessary steps.

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