Anti-Reflective Coating – Pros and Cons

Direct sunlight, laptop lights, artificial indoor lights or car lights: light is deflected when it passes from one transparent medium to another. It’s called refraction.

Spectacles lenses are no exception, and this can be a problem for our vision.

Anti-reflective coatings limit this phenomenon by helping reduce reflected light and improve visual comfort and the transparency of lenses.

A good quality anti-reflective coating can reduce almost all light reflections from a pair of spectacles. That leads to 99.5% of available light passing through to the eye, offering better overall vision.

Anti-reflective coating makes the lenses look within your spectacles virtually invisible. This makes your eye colour and facial expression to be noticed more clearly.  A huge plus point for that selfie you are about to take!

Most consumer may spend more time choosing the right frame shape and colour rather than considering the correct lens options which is the most vital.  Lens coating is one of the most important choice when it comes to choosing the right lens option for you regardless of your correction.

 There are several anti-glare lenses pros and cons to think about before you decide to make this investment.

Pros –

  1. Provide improved vision – lets be honest, that the main aim for your spectacles right…. But adding anti-glare coating would be the icing on the cake! Modern anti-glare lenses will make your visual quality clearer and sharper when compared to standard lenses. You will see colours that are closer to their natural state.  Lights at night can create increased reflections and glare on our spectacles. They can come from all directions and different sources (headlights, traffic lights, streetlamps), turning the driving experience into an inconvenience more than a real pleasure. Anti-glare coating will reduce reflections when driving at night to help you be as safe and confident as possible when on the road. This will enhance your visual comfort and clarity of vision for safer driving throughout the day and night, no matter what vehicle you drive.
  • Improved cosmetics – Imagine taking a selfie with your spectacles and all you see is the reflections on your lenses…. No likes on Instagram ☹ or taking your wedding picture or a graduation portrait and all you see is the reflection of the flash on your lenses. 

With anti-glare lenses other people will not see the reflections on your spectacle lenses. It will increase the visibility that others have when approaching you, while the same benefit applies as you approach them. It is an opportunity to maintain enhanced eye contact while you are in public without dealing with inconvenient reflections. It’s the perfect opportunity if you do a lot of public speaking because you will appear to be more photogenic and will allow others to see your facial expressions, eye colour, and similar attributes with greater efficiency.

  • Durability – almost all anti-glare lenses are embedded with a hard coat element. This provide more durability as they last longer than regular lenses. They have exemptional resistance to scratches. Some premium lenses i.e. Essilor Forte is an all-around lens enhancement to keep your lenses clean and clear. You’ll experience great vision with less reflections, scratch resistance and water, smudge and dust repellence enhancements.  Perfect for whatever your day throws at you.
  • Protection – You know the importance of looking for a sun cream that is “broad spectrum”, meaning there’s protection from both UVA and UVB rays, to prevent ageing wrinkles, dark spots and pigmentation, as well as more serious health issues. But did you know this is equally important for your eye health? Protecting your eyes from UV is just as important as protecting your skin. Premium anti-glare coating like Crizal UV lens protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays, contributing to your overall health.
  • Reduces Eye Fatigue – Do you find you are spending more time in front of a computer screen and feel it is draining your eyes? Apart of taking regular breaks from a computer screen, anti-refection coating will dramatically reduce the eye fatigue at work. when you use an anti-reflective coating, your eyes are protected against glare, meaning less eye strain.

Cons —

  1. Lenses may look dirty – constantly cleaning your lenses? If you have anti-glare lenses your lenses may appear to be dirtier. Fact is that anti-reflective coatings are not any dirtier than a regular pair of spectacles, they’re more noticeable because there isn’t any glare to hide the dirt.  But wiping your lenses constantly may deteriorate a poor-quality coating quicker. 
  2. Damages – Ever left your spectacles in the car on a hot sunny day and found your lenses crazed? This is because the anti-glare lenses do not like high temperatures changes.  Although this is rare but anti-gare lenses can peel off if faced with extreme high temperatures such as washing it with hot water, leaving them in a car dashboard in a sunny day or wearing them in a sauna.
  3. Cost – Ever shouted out loud (in your mind) at an optician – My lenses are how much??? Well yes! they are the most important part of your spectacles and they are sometimes costlier than the frames.  

Outcome – My recommendation is to take your opticians advise on what is best for your eye health.  Explain your hobbies and lifestyle thoroughly to your opticians and they will recommend the appropriate lens options for you! In my opinion, benefits of anti-glare coatings outweigh any negative aspects of the technology. 

Alok Machchhar

Commercial Director


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