Let’s keep this simple because, frankly, there’s enough in life that’s complicated. We are a partnership between ASE Corporate Eyecare and Boots. Together, our joint optical experience and innovative approach delivers the most comprehensive corporate eyecare solution available in the marketplace today, under the umbrella of HealthcarePlan. We also offer access to a range of workplace healthcare solutions, including a winter flu vaccination programme.

We offer:

Administration free service offering e-vouchers on-line

Access to Boots Opticians and independent practices, providing a range of optical services

Wealth of optical knowledge from Boots Opticians and independents supported by ASE’s 25 years of corporate eyecare services

Concierge service, offering tailored eyecare solutions to meet your needs, or Self-serve off the shelf simplicity

Combined, the result is an easy-to-use set of solutions, minus the jargon and without the fuss designed to help you responsibly fulfil your obligations as an employer.

Our Products

VDU Eyecare

Our VDU EyecarePlan options are tailored to meet specific needs.

Drivers Eyecare

Ensure your employees are safety on the roads by providing our drivers eyecare voucher.

Protective Eyecare

Employees working in hazardous environments need suitable protective eyewear.


Our wellbeing voucher offers a raft of optical features to ensure optimised eye comfort.


We hope what we offer makes life easier for you and better for your employees.

Corporate Flu

Winter flu vaccination service.

Looking after your employees

Of course eye care is about the obvious and, in the workplace, that’s about enabling us to do our jobs effectively and safely.

But it goes beyond your statutory obligations as an employer because eye care can have a significant impact on our wider health. It has an important role to play in preventative care and it can provide routes to early intervention on potentially life-altering or threatening illnesses.

HealthcarePlan enables you to protect your employees’ optical health with virtually no red tape. It can be tailor-made to your business and involves virtually no administration. It couldn’t be easier for you to manage and – with voucher codes that can be sent to mobile devices – simpler for your staff to redeem.

Accepted across a network of Boots Opticians and independent practices, our eye care plans also provide you with detailed management reports, discounted vouchers for friends and family and can be customised to both your business and your workforce.

Wear Glasses Globally 65%
Corporate drivers with poor eyesight 33%
Computer vision syndrome affects 90%
Eyecare ranked as a top benefit 47%
Use a Visual Display 72%
Flu symptoms reduce productivity 40%
Adults with vision problems 85%


It is reassuring to see that the tendering exercise has resulted in technology insertion not just in the product we are offering to users, but also in the considerable advantages associated with moving from our previous paper-based process to the new e-portal access. The energy and expertise ASE displayed was impressive, enabling us to move rapidly to service availability to the users.
Southern Rail introduced ASE corporate eye care to our drivers 1 year ago. Our experience was that this was a smooth transition into a new system, our drivers have been complimentary over the process and support from customer services. All queries are looked into and responded to in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend their service.
Megan Taylor, Southern Rail
The services ASE provides is one of the very few ‘seamless’ services we deal with, I would thoroughly recommend them.
Lorraine Cox, Arqiva
The Equinox eyeshield provides our trackside personnel with the best protection possible, high impact absorption and, with tinted lenses, protection from sunlight too.
Dave Tough, Network Rail

Protect your employees’ eyesight simply and cost effectively using our vouchers which can be sent by email or as a voucher code to your employee’s phone.


News and Events

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